Orange Belt Requirements


  1. Clutching Feathers

  2. Triggered Salute

  3. Five Swords

  4. Thrusting Salute

  5. Gift of Destruction

  6. Locking Horns

  7. Checking the Storm

  8. Aggressive Twins

  9. Glancing Salute

  10. Oscure Wing

  11. Scrapping Hoof

  12. Grip of Death

  13. Repeating Mace

  14. Shielding Hammer

  15. Striking Serpents Head

  16. Crashing Wings

Forms and Sets

  1. Long Form 1

  2. Kicking Set 1


I understand that I am but a beginner in a new and fascinating art, which will direct me to greater obligations and responsibilities, to honor my obligations and responsibilities I pledge myself to serve my instructor, fellow student and fellow man.



  • SALUTE - Heal Palm
  • FEATHERS - Hair
  • WING - Elbow
  • LEAVES - Fingers
  • GIFT - Handshake


  • Let time be your measurement to skill and experience.
  • To hear is to doubt, to see it to be deceived, but to feel is to believe.
  • He who hesitates meditates in a horizontal position.
  • There are no pures styles of "Karate", purity only comes when pure knuckles meet pure flesh no matter who delivers or receives.