Yellow Belt Requirements


  1. Delayed Sword

  2. Alternating Maces

  3. Sword of Destruction

  4. Deflecting Hammer

  5. Captured Twigs

  6. Lone Kimino

  7. Mace of Aggression

  8. Obstructing the Storm

  9. Attacking Mace

  10. Sword and Hammer

Forms and Sets

  1. Short Form 1 (Right and Left Sides)
  2. Blocking Set 1


I come to you with only "KARATE" my empty hands I have no weapons but should I be forced to defend myself, my principles or my honor.... Should it be a matter of life and death, of right or wrong, then here are my weapons-- "KARATE" my empty hands.



  • SWORD - Knife Edge of Hand
  • MACE - Fist
  • STORM - Club Attack
  • TWIGS - Arms


  • Distance is your best friend.
  • What ever the attitude so is the response.
  • When blocking on the inside of your opponents arm, do so below the elbow never above it.
  • The ankle is the wrist of the foot.
  • A knife edge kick is a chop with the foot.
  • Deflection, then infliction of pain.