Other Locations

In addition to our main location, Jeff Speakman's Xtreme Kenpo Karate also offers training at these other facilities. Please call to schedule a tour of these facilities or confirm hours of operation.

Jeff Speakman's Kenpo Karate - Texas
  6111 TEZEL ROAD SUITE #105
  Phone: (210) 680-2467
  E-mail: wieland@gvtc.com
Instructors:  http://www.jeffspeakmantexas.com
Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo Karate- Pasadena
  2385 E. Washington Blvd.
  Pasadena, CA 91104
  Phone: 626-622-7475
  Contact: Antranig Parseghian
  E-mail: JSKKPASADENA@jeffspeakman.com
Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo Karate- Lake Arrowhead
  Phone: 707-496-3504
  Contact: Dan Pribble
Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo Karate- Lost Coast
  3015 J st
  Eureka, CA 95501
  Phone: 707-496-3504
  Contact: Dan Pribble
Instructors:  http://tpsh.org/lckk.htm
Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo Karate- Santa Fe
  5984 airport rd unit H
  Santa Fe, NM 87505
  Phone: 505-412-2428
  Contact: Tony Potter
Jeff Speakman's Kenpo Karate - Arizona
  N 1st Ave
  (downtown YMCA)
  Phoenix, AZ, AZ
  Phone: 602-689-2255
  Contact: Tom Cuzza
Instructors:  http://www.akksphoenix.com/
Jeff Speakman's Kenpo Karate - Arkansas
  P.O. Box 7483
  Springdale, Arkansas 72766
  Contact: Jeff McLaughlin
  E-mail: jeffspeakmanar@gmail.com
Instructors:  http://www.jeffspeakmanar.com/
Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo Karate- Alberquerque
  7301 Jefferson NE ,
  Suite A
  Albuquerque, NM 87109
  Phone: 505-480-6634
  Contact: Joe Conway
Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo Karate- Florida
  12112 NW 35th Pl
  Sunrise, FL 33323
  Phone: 561-674-1011
  Contact: Fred Mergen
Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo Karate- Utah
  Phone: 435-770-8410
  Contact: Shawn Hester
Instructors:  http://www.jskkutah.com/

Hours of operation and class schedules may vary at different times of the year, please call the individual location to get the most accurate information.